The Best Massage Tool

The tennis ball tool is the best massage tool because it’s easy to make from a few things that you probably already have around the house. All you need are two tennis balls, a long sock and scissors. It costs little to nothing, is lightweight, and easily can be brought with you in the car, to work or when you travel.

Once you have one, grab it whenever you have back pain. It perfectly fits on either side of the spine and applies gentle pressure to the erector spinae muscles which run along the vertebrae and support the back.

You can also use it vertically on one side at a time to release the rhomboids. The rhomboid muscles are usually what cause pain between the shoulder blade and spine.

To use, lie down on the floor (or on the bed for a less intense pressure) and place the tool on either side of the lower spine. You do not have to rock or move on the tool, just relax, breathe and let the tension gradually dissipate. After a few minutes, or when the soreness has diminished, more the tool up an inch or so and sink into that new spot until it relaxes. Continue up your entire spine or just focus on the section that is bothering you. You can also lean into the tennis ball tool against the wall or the back of a chair, so you may want to keep it near your desk or in your car. Just hide it from your dog because they will think you made it for them!

I learned how to make this tool from Robert Stevens, my Core Synchronism teacher at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. He told us it can also be used to induce a stillpoint in the cerebral spinal fluid system, which is a deeply relaxing and healing state. But he warned us from experience that if you happen to fall asleep while using the tool, you may be so still that it will be hard to get up and get moving again! So I usually just recommend using it as an acupressure or massage tool and to leave the stillpoints for a Core Sync session!